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Australasian Seabird Group

The ASG is a society of seabird researchers, managers and individuals dedicated to the study, enjoyment and conservation of seabirds and their habitats. The ASG will promote seabird research, advocacy and conservation in Australasia and for the oceans these birds utilize.

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  • Point of Contact: Nicholas Carlile (Secretary)
  • Address: 43 Bridge Street Hurstville NSW 2220 Australia
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  • Latest News

    5th International Albatross and Petrel Conference, Wellington New Zealand.

    ASG is a co-sponsor of the 5th IAPC to be held at Te Papa Museum of Wellington, August 12th to 17th 2012. The conference will also be the location of the next general meeting of the ASG membership. It will be an open meeting to allow inclusion of interested parties from New Zealand who have not previously been associated with our special interest group.

    Congratulations to funding recipients

    Fiona McDuie, from James Cook University Queensland, received a student travel award to attend the 5thIAPC as part of the ASG sponsorship of the conference. She will be presenting the initial findings from her research on Wedge-tailed Shearwaters. Alan Tennyson, Stephen Totterman, Colin Miskelly and Lara Shepherd are part of a research team associated with Te Papa in Wellington who are the successful recipients of the ASG project grant for 2012. They propose to clarify the taxonomic status of the Vanuatu petrel through genetic analyses which will allow for the application of an appropriate conservation strategy for this taxon.

    Potential funding for the conservation of seabirds on Christmas Island

    Through the generosity of the Australian Geographic a fund-raiser for the protection of seabirds on Christmas Island (CI), off Western Australia, has been launch. A committee of ASG representatives and CI researchers will be formed to steer the funds through a trust account managed by Birdlife Australia. A call for applicants will be made through the ASG membership and Birdlife Australia.

    New Student representative for ASG

    Fiona McDuie ( has taken up the position of Student representative on the ASG committee. This position acts as a liaison between student members and the Executive Committee and reports on student activities in the Australasian Seabird Bulletin. If you are a student and want to send Fiona a blurb on what your research project is about, the ASG members would be most interested in hearing about your work.