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WSU Conservation committee: support for regional seabird conservation issues.

Since 2015 the World Seabird Union (WSU) has put in place provisions for an ad hoc Conservation Sub-committee to enable support of the member organisations in their efforts to protect seabirds and their habitat.

The committee is convened when a member group raised an issue of concern in their own country that seeks support of the WSU. The sub-Committee is then created from concerned group members and WSU board members (Vice-Chair plus one other) as required. With the WSU representing 19 groups within the global community, adding a voice of concern to a specific issue within a member’s country to garner support for a specific conservation outcome could be a powerful tool.


Muttonbird harvest, Big dog bass strait - Nicholas Carlile

How it works

  • Member groups would officially contact the WSU by letter for support.
  • Under direction from the member group, the WSU conservation committee is formed and a document prepared.
  • The document is then circulated to the WSU board members indicating intention to support the requested action unless notified of an objection.
  • The subsequent letter of support is signed by the Vice-Chair of the WSU then provided to State or Federal Governments within the member’s country as an added outside voice of concern regarding specific seabird conservation issues.
  • The sub-committee also deal with any subsequent correspondence from the member country addressed to the WSU that requires a response using the same process as the initial letter.
  • The sub-committee is disbanded following cessation of correspondence.

Those seeking to have seabird conservation issues raised and supported through the WSU Conservation Committee should first contact their regional seabird group.