Miss Anicee Lombal


University of Tasmania, Australia

The main objective of my research is to perform a meta-analysis of the factors affecting genetic distinctiveness and population dynamics of oceanic seabirds.

During the first part of my Ph.D project, I used molecular tools to assess genetic connectivity between colonies of the IUCN listed Vulnerable Providence Petrel Pterodroma solandri, an oceanic seabird restricted to two breeding colonies off eastern Australia (Lord Howe Island and Phillip Island) showing different times of return to nesting sites (diurnal vs. nocturnal).

During the second part of my project, I will use genetics and stable isotopes to investigate genetic and foraging differentiation between colonies of Flesh-footed Shearwaters Ardenna carneipes, a migratory and colonial nesting species from the southwest Pacific, southern Australia and the Indian Ocean. There is preliminary evidence that eastern and western colonies forage in different non-breeding areas. Lack of dispersal between these two group of colonies may have important implications for conservation management of this species.

More information : www.evogentas.org/people/anicee.lombal