Mr Caleb Spiegel

US Fish and Wildlife Service, United States

As a Marine Bird Biologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service Division of Migratory Birds, I work with partners to develop and coordinate seabird and shorebird projects and conservation plans. I am involved with multiple conservation and research projects in offshore, nearshore, and coastal environments of Atlantic North America.

Current projects include:

  • Tracking winter use and movement patterns of Northern Gannets, Red-throated Loons, and Surf Scoters and other diving birds to avoid conflict with offshore energy development

  • Gear trials to reduce bycatch in commercial fisheries in Newfoundland

  • Assisting with nanotag tracking of terns and shorebirds along the northeast and mid-Atlantic US coast

  • Coordinating the Atlantic Marine Bird Cooperative, a WSU partner organization

  • Development and implementation of the Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative: