Mr Carles Carboneras

Medmaravis, Spain

I have a degree in Law (UB, 1989), an MSc in Biodiversity (UB, 2009) and am currently taking a PhD degree in Biodiversity at the University of Barcelona. The title of my thesis is “Bird population dynamics in the wintering season: the case of the Mediterranean gull Larus melanocephalus” with supervisors G. Tavecchia and M. Genovart (Population Ecology Group, IMEDEA UIB-CSIC).

Professionally, I have 15+ years’ experience in biodiversity conservation. I am practised in the identification and management of areas for protection (mountain, wetlands, marine), in the use of legal instruments for the protection of biodiversity, in the control and eradication of invasive alien species and, in the marine environment, in seabird-fisheries interactions, bycatch mitigation and data collection protocols for scientific observer programmes. My previous employers include UNEP (Convention on Migratory Species, Mediterranean Action Plan), BirdLife International and the Spanish Ministry of Environment.

As a researcher, I focus on the population ecology and spatial dynamics of birds. I use capture-mark-recapture techniques to analyse demographic data and test biological hypotheses. My questions centre around the spatial distribution of nonbreeding birds in relation to habitat, resources and other birds, and their movement and migratory strategies.

Since 2011, I am the Secretary-General of Medmaravis and a member of the WSU transition team.

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