Dr Eric Woehler


University of Tasmania and BirdLife Tasmania (NGO), Australia

I have been involved in research and conservation of shorebirds and seabirds here in Tasmania for 40 years. In that time, I have also been extensively involved in coastal management.

I have undertaken extensive surveys of beach-nesting birds (shorebirds and terns) for more than 20 years, mapping territories and colonies by GPS and collecting population data to establish baselines for these species. I am monitoring several gull and tern colonies, and coordinate an annual Winter Gull Count that started in 1980.

I am presently supervising a number of higher-degree students working on shorebirds, and on local populations of gulls, terns and shearwaters. I also teach undergraduate students.

I am the Lead PI for a seabirds (and marine mammals) at-sea project on the CSIRO's RV Investigator. My students and I undertake continuous observations and relate sightings to the physical and biological oceanography.

I was on the Travel Committee for WSC 2, and am Chair of the LOC for WSC3 to be held here in Hobart in October 2020.