Guido Keijl

Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands

Ever since I saw my first Arctic Skua in 1987 I have been interested in marine and coastal birds. At first I started to watch seabirds from land and study oil (and other) victims on the beach – when they were still around. From the late 1980's onwards I got the opportunity to every now and then count seabirds from oilrigs the North Sea and from ships, which goes on intermittently until present. I have been involved in two large-scale cetacean surveys as well, both in the North Sea and the adjacent Atlantic Ocean. In the mid-1980's I studied feeding and breeding ecology of Common gulls in the Dutch coastal dunes, and in the 1990's I surveyed breeding gulls and terns in the Saudi Arabian part of the Persian Gulf and in Senegal. I've also been an editor of Sula, the Dutch marine ornithological magazine, and I am still involved as such. I have never worked as a professional seabird researcher, but I keep on being interested and involved when possible.