Mr Hayri Dagli

Birdlife, United States

I graduated from Dokuz Eylul University with a B.A. In geography and education. After graduating, I worked as a nature guide in Sweden and took part at different NGO's for 3 years. I am currently coordinating The Black Sea Seabirds Project and happy to support Birdlife Turkey efforts to protect the seabirds and is interested in pursuing further studies in conservation and policy efforts.Scuba diving is one of my main passions.

My responsibilities at European Commission supported joint project aiming to establish Marine IBA's in the Black Sea are;

Supervising the implementation of the “Black Sea Seabirds Project", ensuring optimal quality, impact and timeliness of all project activities. Managing all project resources. (Financial, human, material and time) Representing the project at local, national and international levels. Coordinating the surveys such as the boat-based seabird census, the coastal based yelkouan Shearwater counts, the training workshops. Analyzing all the data and producing all technical and non-technical reports Supervising all communication work