Miss Helen Wade

ERI - University of the Highlands and Islands, United Kingdom

I am a PhD researcher with interests in seabird conservation and ecology. More specifically I'm interested in assessing the movement of seabirds at sea and how this relates to seabird behaviour.

My current research is focused on assessing the potential effects of the growing marine renewable energy industry on seabirds. As seabirds face many threats and numerous populations are in decline around the world, increasing our understanding of seabird use of the marine environment will allow us to better understand the effects of anthropogenic activities, such as fisheries and offshore developments, on these top predators. This knowledge can be used to inform marine management plans and to mitigate against potential negative effects of human activities in the marine environment.

I currently work on UK seabirds but I have a background in tropical seabird ecology and associated island restoration management. I have also contributed to research in behavioural ecology, specifically investigating cooperative behaviour in group living mammals and birds.