Dr Jonathan Green


University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

I am interested in the interface between seabird ecology, physiology and behaviour and in particular in understanding energy budgets as these are the key factor underpinning decision making and survival in all organisms. As a result, my work ranges from thermoregulation on land, to diving physiology at sea.

An increasing focus on applied work includes a current project focussing on understanding how seabirds will respond to the presence of offshore renewable energy devices in their foraging areas.

My group work with with study species in South Africa, Australia, the sub-Antarctic, Caribbean and at home in the UK.

Please get in touch if you want to know more and take a look at the Seabird Ecology Group at the University of Liverpool (SEGUL) website at www.segul.org.uk . I particularly welcome approaches from overseas candidates interested in applying for fellowships to work in the UK through the EU.