Mr Jonathan Handley

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

I am a marine ecologist with a keen interest on understanding the highly dynamic marine environment. My current work, my PhD, is focusing on the foraging ecology of Gentoo penguins at the Falkland Islands. I believe technological innovation will help uncover the intricate connections amongst organisms of the marine environment and am excited about working with many devices in my current project to enhance and build my skill set. I will be utilising GPS's, TDR's, accelerometers and animal-borne video cameras, as well as focusing on diet via stomach content and stable isotope analysis. These data will be used in comparison with environmental and anthropogenic variables supplied from remote sensed resources and resources within the Falklands. I believe in answering both pure scientific questions and having a strong focus toward applied science. This will help bridge the gap between man and the environment. I am a strong advocate of citizen science. We must be showcasing our work to the public as ultimately these people will help us to conserve and understand the seabirds we all admire.