Mrs Nancy Del Carro

BirdLife Malta, Italy

I am currently working as Conservation Assistant for BirdLife Malta and, thanks to this experience, I become strongly dedicated to seabirds. In Malta, I gained experience in terms of handling and working with resident seabirds (Yelkouan Shearwater, Scopoli’s Shearwater and Mediterranean Storm Petrel) in the context of two LIFE projects (EU LIFE+ Malta Seabird and LIFE Arċipelagu Garnija). Through this work, I have been monitoring seabird colonies of the three species, searching for nests in remote and scarcely accessible burrows on cliffs, gaining experience on GPS, GLS and radio tracking of shearwaters and monitoring and ringing Mediterranean Storm Petrels. I also helped with the translocation of two Yelkouan’s Shearwater chicks that we raised and they fledged successfully in nest boxes. I was carrying on the operations for the rat populations’ control in the main Maltese Yelkouan Shearwater colony, by distributing and monitoring of bait stations with rodenticide. In addition, I recently attended, an assessment of the feasibility of a rat eradication program in the island of Comino in Malta. Therefore, I am resolute to carry on my career with seabirds; an authentic passion I raised working in the last years in conservation.