Mr Nuno Oliveira

SPEA, Portugal

I did complete my degree in Environmental Biology, University of Lisbon, 2007. Since that I left Portugal in search of a wider learning experience in the field of ecology. I developed my MSc in Ecology and Environmental Management at the University of Varese, Italy. After that I did volunteer work in Australia, in 2009, on the Shorebirds 2020 project, for Birds Australia. In 2010 I turned back to Portugal to start work with seabirds on Corvo Island, Azores, for SPEA (Portuguese BirdLife partner). For 14 months I was working mainly with mammal alien species, studying their impact on seabirds under the project LIFE Safe Islands for Seabirds. Since January 2011 until now, I am based in Lisbon developing main work within the project LIFE MarPro. My topics of work and interest are seabirds distribution, abundance, breeding related issues, bycatch evaluation, management of MPA and fisheries management. Since 2012 I am advising Biosfera I (from Cape Verde) on several seabird related issues. Although I am working with general seabird species that use Portuguese mainland waters, I do focus my work in Madeiran storm-petrel, Cory's shearwater, Gannet, Shag, Mediterranean gull, Razorbill and Common guillemot.