Sari C. Cunningham


I have a MSc in Ecology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (spatial ecology of the Eurasian kestrel), and a BSc/preveterinary degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University (with a minor in English). Exchange studies at the University Centre of Svalbard and the University of Akureyri, Iceland within monitoring of aquatic ecosystems sparked my interest in seabird conservation.

Since then I have conducted fieldwork for the Norwegian Polar Institute on the remote Arctic island of Bjørnøya, monitoring a breeding colony of little auks. Field skills include: color banding and reading, light logger deployment, blood and diet samples, and capture on the nest. I have published nature writing pieces based on the experience in various literary outlets. Volunteer projects include seabird monitoring in the Oslo area, and beach cleanups.

Currently I am seeking further opportunities within the field. I have dual American and Belgian citizenship and a permanent residency visa for Norway, residing in the Oslo area. My multicultural background, and experience living in various countries (including Japan), has led me to thrive with people from different backgrounds.

I have a category C license to work with research animals in Norway, based on FELASA requirements, and experience within communication, including translation of texts on seabird ecology from Norwegian to English.