Simon Sanghera

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a behavioral ecologist with a wide range of interests, although over the last couple of years I have realized that I should be focusing on research that supports and advances conservation of migratory species.

I am currently completing my PhD in behavioral ecology at the University of Bristol. My thesis focused on quantifying patterns of camouflage in marine animals, specifically "countershading". My final exam (viva) is at the end of March. I have studied many animals and questions during my career, including primate social behavior, basking shark ecology, seabird feeding ecology around Scotland. My Master's thesis focused on the effects of ecotourism on the behavior of short-finned pilot whales in Tenerife.

I have been building my experiences with birds, primarily water birds: seabirds, shorebirds and waterfowl. I would love to work with migratory birds, and study how climate change effects the movements and survival of these animals and help provide solutions to increase survival. This is my ultimate goal and I hope to move into this area as soon as I graduate from my PhD.