Dr Urška Koce

DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenia, Slovenia

I am full time involved in the project SIMARINE-NATURA (LIFE10NAT/SI/141) which aims at identifying and designating marine IBAs and Natura 2000 sites at Slovenian sea (North Adriatic region). My role is twofold: I coordinate the project and implement research and conservation activities in collaboration with several other ornithologists from our NGO.

Our target species is the Mediterranean Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii) which summers in large numbers in the Trieste Bay, part of which is the Slovenian territorial sea. Our research focuses on monitoring of seabirds at sea, monitoring of Mediterranean Shags at their communal roosting sites, GPS telemetry of Mediterranean shags and analysis of their diet.

See more at: www.ptice.si/simarine-natura/en