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storm-petrel volunteer Faroe Islands needed

translocation workshop announcement

Course: RADseq data analysis in Berlin

Stable Isotope Mixing Models using SIBER, SIAR, MixSIAR (SIMM05)

MSc opportunity

Symposium on seabird parasites and infectious agents at WSC3.

Migratory Shorebird Program Officer (Australia, full time, 3+ years)

WSC3 symposium idea: prey-mediated effects of environmental change on seabirds

WSC3 Symposium Proposal on Active Seabird Restoration

WSC3 Workshop Idea - Empowering Citizen Science for Seabird Monitoring and Conservation

Vacancy: Seabird Conservation Programme Manager at BirdLife South Africa

WSC3 Workshop Idea - Fostering an integrated approach to enhance seabird conservation efforts

WSC3 Symposium idea

Mechanisms by which extreme heat anomalies impact seabirds