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Logger recovery on Cousine Island, Seychelles

Nina Voogt, May 6, 2016

Hello everyone!

While clearing the area for our sooty tern colony area this year we found a fairly large logger which must have fallen off or been dropped a bird (turtles can tortoises cannot access this area – its rather inaccessible and only birds and the occasional human go up there). It appears to have foam around it (to ensure it floats?), and looks a bit large to be used on a bird (perhaps a Fregate?) so am not exactly sure what it is for or who it belongs to. We contacted the researchers who work on Sooty terns in the Seychelles and they do not recognise it.

I am wondering if someone in the network can advise as to what it may be and who it belongs to? The length from the one end of the foam to the other is 7cm and the Perspex is 3cm in length.

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Maggie Watson

Maggie Watson

I posted this on Twitter and @janpaul4u reckons it might be a weather balloon It looks like this one but boxed. Cheers, @terngirl