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BirdLife International is seeking input for the 2016 IUCN Red List update via the Globally Threatene

Stephanie Winnard, June 9, 2017

In preparation for the 2017 Red List update, BirdLife invites you to participate in the forum process to discuss proposed revisions to the global threat status (IUCN Red List category of extinction risk) for selected species. Do please post comments where you support proposals, as well as with corrections and additional information.

The forums that went live on 1st June are for:

• Cape Gannet (uplist to Endangered) • Great Black-backed Gull (potentially uplist to Vulnerable) • Relict Gull (downlist to Near Threatened) • Antipodean albatross • Black-browed albatross • Westland petrel Also, there are several topics that are already live and will need to be finalised by July: • Amsterdam albatross • Shy albatross • Aleutian Tern • Black-legged Kittiwake • Audubon’s Shearwater

Please follow the link below to the forums

The initial deadline for contributions is 17 July 2017, when we will assess the contributions made. We will then post up a draft list of preliminary proposals and there will be two more weeks to comment further before final recommendations to IUCN are collated. The new and revised species assessments and updated factsheets will be published on the BirdLife website and incorporated into the 2017 IUCN Red List, currently scheduled for release in late November.

Note that it is possible to set up RSS feeds to receive automatic email alerts to new topics being posted in any of the regional or species categories – see the ‘feedburner’ links at the top of each page, copy the relevant link into your internet browser and follow the instructions from there (please contact us if you have difficulty setting up automatic alerts).

Anyone wishing to comment via email rather than through the forum process is welcome to do so. Please contact

Thank you very much in advance for your help. We look forward to receiving your contributions via the web forum by 17 July 2017.

Many thanks for supporting our Red List work. From the BirdLife Red List team