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USGS Seabird job

Grant RW Humphries, July 4, 2018

The USGS Western Ecological Research Center's seabird research group is looking to hire a 1–4 yr full-time TERM Wildlife Biologist to assist with seabird studies (Seabird Health and Adaptive Management & Seabird Ecology and Marine Planning). We are a small team of researchers focusing on aspects of the biology and ecology of seabirds. The seabird research group is located in Santa Cruz, CA and works on projects locally (at-sea surveys for Marbled Murrelets and other seabirds), in the California Channel Islands (seabird monitoring on colonies) and throughout the southern California Current region (aerial surveys describing distribution and abundance of seabirds and marine mammals). We are looking for interested candidates to assist with field studies and data acquisition, management, and analysis associated with seabird colony surveys throughout Hawaii, acquisition and review of acoustic data related to seabird vocalizations, and digital photographic imagery used to describe and map habitats and abundances of seabirds at sea and on land. Work will be a combination of intermittent field studies and office-based data entry, organization, and analysis. Strong organizational skills and experience working with seabirds is desired. Willingness for short duration travel and experience working in remote and challenging environments on small boats or in small aircraft are also desired. Candidates should have ability to work with computer databases, digital imagery, GIS or similar skills. Practical knowledge coding and working in Program R is especially needed. This position is offered at the GS7 level (Salary: USD $49,937–$64,917) and will be for a period not to exceed 13 months with possible extensions up to a total of 4 years without further competition. Successful applicants may be eligible for promotion to the GS9 level after one year. The position will open on USAJobs on Monday 2 July 2018.

If interested, please contact for more information.

Below is the link to the Term Wildlife Biologist, GS-0486-07 announcement opening on Monday 2 July 2018.

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