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COURSE: Analysing occurrence data in the Southern Ocean

Grant RW Humphries, March 15, 2019

HI all,

A great course for Southern Ocean enthusiasts and scientists is coming up in September of this year.

Tools for Southern Ocean Spatial Analysis and Modelling

This course will run from September 2 - 6, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium!

The course costs 75 Euros. The fee include full participation in the course, and digital copies of the course material, as well as coffee breaks and a small lunch. Participants will need to arrange their own travel and accommodation, but limited travel support will be available in collaboration with the SCAR Ant-Eco research program.

This course will teach participants how to retrieve, model and interpret species occurrence data from the Southern Ocean using R-tools developed through the Antarctic R community. In hands-on sessions, participants will learn how to find, download and clean data using R packages and how to display these data on Antarctic (polar projection) maps. The course will introduce various ways of analyzing the data including Species Distribution Modelling (SDM).

For more information, head to the website