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Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds

The overarching goal of the SCSCB is to increase the capacity of Caribbean ornithologists, resource managers, conservation organizations, institutions, and local citizens to conserve the birds of the Caribbean and their habitats. We aim to achieve this by 1) developing regional conservation projects, activities, and materials that facilitate local research, management, conservation, education and outreach, and 2) Building networks and partnerships with local, national and international organizations and institutions that share our bird conservation goals.

Contact Information

  • President: Lisa Sorenson
  • Vice-President: Howard Nelson
  • Seabird Working Group Co-Chair and WSU Liason: William A. Mackin
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  • Latest News

    SCSCB, Defenders of Wildlife, and the South Carolina Coop Unit lead Seabird Capacity Workshop.

    From June 7-13, 2012, 24 participants from 22 islands or groups of islands with important seabird colonies in the wider Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, travelled to San Salvador, Bahamas to take part in a six-day capacity building workshop led by the SCSCB. The goal of the workshop was to give resource managers who have authority over important seabird populations the knowledge and skills to study, monitor, manage and conserve their colonies. Click here to read the summary report and view photos.