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The 3rd World Seabird Conference

Coming in 2020...

The World Seabird Union (WSU) is seeking proposals to host the Third World Seabird Conference (WSC3). The WSU is comprised of representatives from 19 seabird organizations around the world, and drawing upon the strength and diversity of these organizations, seeks to facilitate the development of WSC3. Please see for a complete description of WSU and links to previous conferences.

The WSU seeks a Local Host for WSC3. The WSU is committed to facilitating WSC3 and we believe that the best approach to developing a successful conference is to allow the Local Committee substantial flexibility in the planning and management of the conference. The WSU Board will be available to provide support, advice, and assistance in all phases of the conference as needed or requested but does not intend to micromanage the Local Committee. We believe it is imperative that the Local Committee has the opportunity to craft WSC3 to best meet the needs of the delegates. We do not require that WSC3 replicate the structure or design of the previous conferences. WSU will provide seed money to assist the local committee in fundraising and in making advance down payments to secure booking of facilities.

We are requesting that interested parties deliver a proposal no later than 20 January 2017 . The proposal should include a review of the host organizations capacity to develop and manage WSC3. In particular please reference the anticipated time-frame of the meeting, a host city considering ease of access via international flights, types of meeting facilities available in the host city, types of accommodations available in the host city, and opportunities for excursions or field-trips in/near the host city. Please also include names of individuals who may serve as the chair and vice-chair of the Local Committee and a brief list of potential planning committee members. Lastly, please provide an overview of potential funding sources from government, tourism, research or other organizations and institutions in the host city and/or country. Results from the WSC2 post-conference survey will be available for guidance.

Please see THE WSC3 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS for a full description