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WSU Mission Statement

The World Seabird Union's mission is to place seabird research, management, and conservation into a worldwide perspective. Our vision is to aid in creating global partnerships that will continue into the future by sharing research, knowledge, and ideas on a global level


The World Seabird Union was founded during the 1st World Seabird Conference. All meeting minutes and other documents pertaining to the progress of the WSU are available online: organizational committee

A committee, headed by Grant Humphries, has been established for the Seabirds.Net website. The committee will oversee the design and development of Seabirds.Net and the World Seabird Union websites. The Working Plan is available in pdf format. Please contact Grant Humphries for more information.


For other enquires about the World Seabird Union, please email the chair, Patrick Jodice ( For comments and questions on the website, please email