COVID-19 and WSC3:

The WSU Board and the Local Hosts, The Australasian Seabird Group, have opted to postpone the World Seabird Conference until October 2021!! Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times, and stay safe.

The 3rd World Seabird Conference in Hobart, Tasmania has been postponed until October 2021


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Symposia and workshop acceptance notification is August 1st 2019


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World Seabird Video Project

Seabirders live and work in some incredible places. As we prepare for the Third World Seabird Conference, the WSU Early Career Scientists’ Committee is shining a spotlight on some of these places in a series we’re calling “World of Seabirds.”. We will be accepting videos on a rolling basis until WSC3!

We’re collecting video introductions to seabird colonies around the world, which we’ll be posting on the World Seabird Union YouTube channel along with live Q&A sessions with scientists starting in September/October 2019. We hope you’ll join us by submitting your own video at! For details on how to make and submit your videos, please click the following links for full instructions in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese, and contact with any questions.

Did you know that the WSU has a conservation committee?

When issues arise in specific areas that warrant responses to protect or enhance seabird outcomes the regional group would provide the first response on such issues. If the issue is considered significant to warrant a stronger level of support, where international implications are expected from the lack of conservation of a species or its habitat, then the WSU may be approached to provide further ‘moral’ support to the issue.


Seabird Information Network

The Seabird Information Network is a network of databases from contributors all over the world.

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The faces of the global seabird community

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