Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) - Call for Program Chairs for Multidisciplinary Research Programmes

jennifer-wheelerJennifer Wheeler
  • 10 Sep '19

The new call for the NWO Caribbean Research programme is open for applications. This call has a total budget of 7.18 million euros and comprises a special approach. NWO is seeking two Programme Chairs who will each set up a multidisciplinary research programme: one with a focus on socio-cultural issues and based in the Leeward Islands, and one focusing on natural-science issues and based in the Windward Islands.

The call for proposals can be downloaded from the funding page:

We would appreciate it if you could spread this announcement to researchers in your network that could possibly be interested in this call.

More information

In 2018 the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Science and Culture extended the term of the NWO Caribbean Research programme by five years. The emphasis is on strengthening research in and about the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. NWO aims to achieve this goal by means of two major multidisciplinary research programmes that will be carried out and anchored in the region itself.

This call for proposals is intended to recruit two researchers (Programme Chairs), who will use a personal grant to set up and lead research groups in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They will initiate and guide research in collaboration with regional and local organisations, structures and people. The two Programme Chairs will gather research teams around them, work together with relevant researchers and institutions within and outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and, above all, further develop intersections between the two cited areas of focus.

Two research programmes:
Both research programmes need to address challenges and knowledge issues in the Caribbean region. The results must be of scientific and societal importance to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. In one of the programmes the focus will be on social sciences and humanities in the broad sense. This programme is expected to be based at the University of Aruba or the University of Curaçao. The other programme will focus on natural-science issues in the field of environment and nature, and is expected to be based at the CNSI research institute on St. Eustatius. The source of inspiration for both programmes is provided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, in particular the concept of Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). An important element in the programmes is the transfer of knowledge through education and outreach.

The deadline for the mandatory pre- proposals is Thursday 14 November 2019. In the subsequent elaboration of a full proposal, applications may make use of the Caribbean Knowledge Agenda (now under development). NWO is formulating this agenda partly on the basis of a public survey that is currently open to persons and institutions in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

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Some additional information:

  1. One project chair will be selected for each program, one with natural science and one with a social-cultural thematic focus. However, the programs are not limited to these focuses and overlap will be likely.

  2. Pre-proposals can be submitted by researchers with a doctoral degree, irrespective of whether or not they hold tenured positions and whether they come from the Netherlands or "abroad". So a researcher with a doctoral degree on our islands (or from anywhere else) from these local organizations can technically apply. Although a number of additional requirements are also required.

  3. All Dutch Caribbean islands are eligible and there is a preference for multi-island projects within the Caribbean (as long as Dutch Caribbean islands are included). Even though one of the programs will likely be located in the SSS islands and one in the ABC islands, the programs and the research conducted within these is not limited geographically to the location in which the program is placed.

  4. Topics and involved organizations are still completely open. It is up to the selected project chairs to create a proposal and partner with interested organizations and groups. Thus, collaboration with partners (local and academic) is not yet decided and NWO does not have any preference for this, only for the involvement of many local partners.