Alaska Seabird Technician Job Opening

marc-romanoMarc Romano
  • 7 Feb

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is recruiting 6-10 Biological Science Technician (Avian) positions for the summer of 2020 to assist with our seabird monitoring program. This is a unique opportunity to experience a wildlife refuge that spans much of the coastline of Alaska, covers nearly 3.4 million acres, and provides essential habitat for some 30 million seabirds, hundreds of thousands of marine mammals, and numerous plant and animal species found only in Alaska.

Technicians perform a variety of scientific and technical tasks to assist in a long-term seabird monitoring program. Species being studied differ by location but may include storm-petrels, cormorants, kittiwakes, murres, pigeon guillemots, auklets, and puffins. The fieldwork is varied but the main focus of the work is collecting data on seabird breeding chronology, reproductive success, population changes, adult survival, and food habits.

Technicians work as part of a field crew consisting of 2-5 individuals. The work is conducted at remote field camps spread across the Refuge, where wet, windy weather and spartan living conditions are the norm. We will be placing crews on several of our islands in 2020 including Aiktak, Buldir, Chowiet, St. George, St. Lazaria, and St. Paul.

The application period will last from February 7 - February 13 at midnight EST. These positions are being advertised in the same announcement as another Refuge in Alaska, so if an applicant wants to be considered for work at Alaska Maritime NWR they MUST specify the Homer, AK duty station. Applicants can apply for multiple duty stations with one application but ONLY the duty stations specified will receive the application.

Additional information and application instructions for the GS-07 and GS-05 positions can be found via the links below:

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