Contribute to the global database of seabird restoration projects

lindsay-youngLindsay Young
  • 18 Mar

Dear fellow seabird biologists,

We seek your expertise! Led by Dr. Dena Spatz, we are collating the methods and outcomes involved in seabird social attraction and translocation operations to promote seabird recovery worldwide. The information will be consolidated into an online tool, The Seabird Restoration Database, and will assist knowledge transfer among practitioners seeking to use active seabird restoration tools to recover seabird populations. The final product will be similar to the Database of Island Invasive Species Eradications.

You can choose to contribute to this effort in multiple ways

  1. Take a survey**: If you are time-limited, you can start the survey and then save it for completion at a later date (but make sure to submit your unfinished survey first). Alternatively, you can opt to take a shorter “basic” survey.
  2. Send technical documents: We are compiling a reference source to be used to complete data entry into the database and provide citations to future users. Sensitive documents can be kept internal.
  3. Complete an excel spreadsheet: Click on the link for a downloadable copy of the survey, in excel spreadsheet form. You can access this sheet from the survey as well.
  4. Provide data over a phone call: We are happy to schedule a call to fill out the database for you during the call.
  5. Advise us on others that we can contact to reach the widest network of those working to restore seabird colonies.
    Survey works best in Chrome or Firefox browsers. If it is not working in your browser, try it in another
    Due: May 1, 2020.
    Questions?** Visit the project website at or e-mail us at
    We look forward to ensuring all the fantastic work you have all put into seabird restoration over the years appears on the map for others to learn from!

With appreciation,

Lindsay Young, Dena Spatz, Nick Holmes, Holly Jones, Steve Kress, Don Lyons, Colin Miskelly, Graeme Taylor, Eric VanderWerf

The Seabird Restoration Database Partnership includes members from: Pacific Rim Conservation, National Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, the New Zealand Department of Conservation, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Ton