Seabird Sessions 10

grant-humphriesGrant RW Humphries
  • 2 Jun

Hello everyone!

Seabird Sessions 10 is going ahead this week on June 3rd at 0630 GMT. The two papers we're going to discuss this week are:

Zhou, C., Brothers, N., Browder, J. and Jiao, Y., 2020. Seabird bycatch loss rate variability in pelagic longline fisheries. Biological Conservation, 247, p.108590.
Meitern, R., Fort, J., Giraudeau, M., Rattiste, K., Sild, E. and Sepp, T., Age‐dependent expression of cancer‐related genes in a long‐lived seabird. Evolutionary Applications.

AND, we will be joined by THIERRY BOULINIER as a guest host. It should be a great event.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!