Two 29-months postdoc positions on genetic and environmental drivers of non-breeding movements in birds

jacopo-cecereJacopo G. Cecere

We are hiring two 29-months postdocs to work with Diego Rubolini (University of Milan, Italy) and Jacopo G. Cecere (ISPRA - Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), and in collaboration with Andrea Pilastro (University of Padua, Italy), within the framework of a joint project focusing on the genetic regulation of migration and on year-round movements of bird species (PRIN 2017 grant).

The core of the project includes a large-scale experiment on kittiwakes breeding on Middleton Island (Alaska), carried out in collaboration with Kyle A. Elliott (McGill University, Canada) and Akiko Shoji (University of Tsukuba, Japan). The overarching goal is the assessment of the role of environmental (food availability) and genetic/epigenetic factors affecting non-breeding movements and timing of breeding, taking into account for among-individual differences in behavioural, morphological, and physiological traits.

Moreover, the two postdocs will be working on previously collected/to be collected data (movement, behavioural and genomics) on both Scopoli’s shearwaters and lesser kestrels, the two species we have been working on the most in the past years in Italy.

Calls will be opened by the University of Milan in early September.

For both positions, we are looking for enthusiastic, highly motivated candidates able to effectively work independently as well as in a team.

POSITION 1 will be mainly focused on the analysis of migration and movement data

Main duties:
• analysis of movement data from both GLS and GPS devices (using R)
• fieldwork at Middleton Island: food supplementation, behavioural trials, capture and GLS-tagging of gulls
• leading manuscripts

The postdoc will be based between Milan (University) and Ozzano, near Bologna (ISPRA)

POSITION 2 will be mainly focused on the analysis of genetic/epigenetic data

Main duties:
• assembling a high-quality genome (in collaboration with Vertebrate Genome Project)
• analysis of genomic data (e.g. ddRAD) and epigenetics (e.g. pyrosequencing)
• analysis of genotype-phenotype associations
• leading manuscripts

The postdoc will be based in Milan (University)

Net salary is 1,680 € per month for both positions.

Contact us by email (, if you are interested in hearing more. We will back to you as soon as we can (consider that August is holiday time in Italy!).