Seabird Sessions 19

grant-humphriesGrant RW Humphries
  • 17 Aug

Hey everyone
Another exciting Seabird Sessions this week. We’re on at 0630 GMT (0730 in the UK) with Sabir Muzaffar, who’s going to talk with us about Socotran Cormorants.
Muzaffar, S.B., 2020. Socotra Cormorants in the Arabian Gulf: a review of breeding biology, feeding ecology, movements and conservation. Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, (just-accepted), pp.1-9.

Then we’ll be chatting with Catherine Cavallo and Andre Charadia about how we can use little penguins to quantify prey availability using CPUE

Cavallo, C., Chiaradia, A., Deagle, B.E., Hays, G.C., Jarman, S., McInnes, J.C., Ropert‐Coudert, Y., Sánchez, S. and Reina, R.D., 2020. Quantifying prey availability using the foraging plasticity of a marine predator, the little penguin. Functional Ecology.

If you need access to the PDFs, please e-mail me:
0630 GMT on Wednesday August 17th
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