Seabird Sessions 21

grant-humphriesGrant RW Humphries
  • 29 Aug

Hi everyone,

David and myself are happy to announce the next Seabird Session (number 21) for next Wednesday at 0630GMT (September 2nd). That’s 1830 in New Zealand , 1630 in Sydney, 2330 on TUESDAY the 1st of September in Los Angeles, 2030 on TUESDAY the 1st of September in Honolulu .

Our two papers this week are:

Stewart, L.G., Lavers, J.L., Grant, M.L., Puskic, P.S. and Bond, A.L., 2020. Seasonal ingestion of anthropogenic debris in an urban population of gulls. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 160, p.111549.

Thomas, D.B., Tennyson, A.J., Scofield, R.P., Heath, T.A., Pett, W. and Ksepka, D.T., 2020. Ancient crested penguin constrains timing of recruitment into seabird hotspot. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 287(1932), p.20201497.

And to add some incentive, we’ve got the one and only Stephanie Borrelle – the Marine and Pacific Regional Coordinator for BirdLife International who will join us as a guest host

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Grant and David