A CRAP-tastic sensation! Seabird Sessions 23 SPECIAL EVENT!

grant-humphriesGrant RW Humphries
  • 13 Oct

Hi everyone,

Next week, to mark what would have been the third World Seabird Conference (which we are all now missing thanks to #COVID19), we are going to be hosting a VERY SPECIAL Seabird Session! David Gremillet, and myself will be joined by our NEW CO-HOST, Marianna Chimienti, where we’re going to talk about all things POOP!

Seabird poop is not only a fertilizer for the oceans, but it has played a MAJOR role in human history! In this special #WWHBWSC3 (What Would Have Been World Seabird Conference 3) Seabird Session, we’re going to discuss a whole range of exciting and interesting facts about seabird poop! It’s going to be fun, fascinating and fabulous.

Date: OCTOBER 21, 2020 at 1600 GMT
Where: ZOOM!

The ZOOM invite will appear online at: www.seabirds.net/events/seabird-sessions at 1530 GMT on OCT 21

And for all you Australasian guests, DON’T WORRY!! We’ll be hosting an 0630 GMT event where we’re going to talk about POOP FROM SPACE! On October 28th!

Hope to see you online for a CRAPPY time!

Grant, David and Marianna.