Online training - Metabolomics in R

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  • 3 Nov

Dear all,

last seats left on our online course "Metabolomics in R" which will take place in December (14th-17th) .

Course website:

The aim of the course is to cover some of the fundamental aspects of metabolomics from the “data analyst” point of view. We will cover all the key aspects which have to be considered to set-up a successful metabolomics investigation, from the practical issues related to study/analytical design to data pre-processing and statistical analysis. The course will be delivered relying on a mixture of lectures, computer-based practical sections, and group discussions.


D1: what, why, how . 2-8 pm (GMT+1)
What is metabolomics (targeted and untargeted)
Study design considerations
Analytical chemistry in metabolomics
Integrating Data Analysis and Data Collection
Data sharing and reproducibility

D2: From zero to R 2-8 pm (GMT+1)
R and RStudio
Visualizing your data
Data carpentry (practical
Multivariate visualization by PCA

D3: Untargeted Metabolomics 2-8 pm (GMT+1)
Preprocessing of MS based untargeted metabolomics data
The pre-processing workflow
Let’s do it in R with xcms
Are my data OK?
Quality assessment
Missing values and imputation
From Features to compounds … annotation

D4: Analyzing a metabolomics data matrix 2-8 pm (GMT+1)
Univariate Approach: Introduction to statistical testing and modeling
Multiple testing
Multivariate approaches: PCA, PLS, Random Forest

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