Seabird Sessions 24! November 11th, 2020 at 1800 GMT - Fisheries and Seabirds

grant-humphriesGrant RW Humphries
  • 9 Nov

Hello everyone!

Seabird Sessions 24 will be going ahead THIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH at 1800 GMT!! (NOTE THE NEW TIME!! 1800 GMT!!!!)

This week we've got two papers merging fish and seabirds, and will be joined by Claire Saraux and Jonas Hentati-Sundberg!

Saraux, C., Sydeman, W.J., Piatt, J.F., Anker‐Nilssen, T., Hentati‐Sundberg, J., Bertrand, S., Cury, P.M., Furness, R.W., Mills, J.A., Österblom, H. and Passuni, G., 2020. Seabird‐induced natural mortality of forage fish varies with fish abundance: Evidence from five ecosystems. Fish and Fisheries.

Hentati‐Sundberg, J., Olin, A.B., Evans, T.J., Isaksson, N., Berglund, P.A. and Olsson, O., A mechanistic framework to inform the spatial management of conflicting fisheries and top predators. Journal of Applied Ecology.

ZOOM Link will be available online before the session at

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday

Grant, David and Marianna!