WELCOME TO SEABIRDS.NET V2.0 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION -apologies for multiple e-mails as we get our new system in place

grant-humphriesGrant RW Humphries
  • 10 Aug '19

Dear seabirders,

Thank you so much for the last nearly decade of interest and support for seabirds.net! It has aimed to serve you all as a facilitation platform for jobs, volunteer opportunities, methods sharing, and discussion. It has also acted as the gateway for the world seabird union, and has brought together over 1500 seabirders from around the world.

Seabirds.net is aiming to stretch further, and to do that, an upgrade was needed. So, if you CLICK HERE, you'll be redirected to SEABIRDS.NET Version 2.0!

The new site now boasts an easier to use forum page, as well as streamlined content, and easy to search data tables throughout.

But before you get going - some important information

We have updated the personnel/member list database to include more information and have given YOU more flexibility in what does and does not get displayed. Furthermore, we have fixed some of the bugs with logging in and posting to the discussion forum. We have also made Seabirds.net GDPR compliant, but need more information FROM YOU to ensure you have complete control over your content.

Important: Please log into your account and update your user information!

If you want people to know what you work on, please click your research fields and your species groups of interest! The more information you fill out, the easier it will be for people to know who you are and what you do, as well as contact you. Seabirds.net is a GREAT way to increase your web-presence!

Please LOG IN to your account! If you've forgotten your account information, simply click on the link and you'll get an e-mail to help you reset your password. Otherwise, you can e-mail: wsuadmin@seabirds.net and we'll get you sorted out.

We have now moved to using GRAVATAR for your profile images! From your profile page, click on the 'Gravatar' link, and use the same e-mail you used for seabirds.net to upload a photo. Gravatar is a great platform that integrates across many different systems, and allows us to keep Seabirds.net cheaper because we don't have to store those data on our site!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of the seabirder community, and we look forward to helping you link up with seabird researchers from around the world!

Grant Humphries - Seabirds.net webmaster