WSU Officers


Patrick Jodice

Patrick Jodice I became chair of WSU in 2015 after the second World Seabird Conference, and am the leader of the USGS South Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Clemson University. I am the PI on a variety of projects in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Southeastern US focused on Audubon's Shearwater, Black-capped Petrel, Brown Pelican, Magnificent Frigatebird, Masked Booby, Red-billed Tropicbird, and White-tailed Tropicbird.


Nicholas Carlile

I have been working with seabirds since 1988 and in the last decade directing seabird research into recovery of threatened species, restoration of seabird islands, seabird island surveys and at-sea movements of petrels, terns and gulls. My research is management focused often using novel techniques to provide good conservation outcomes.


Kees Camphuysen

Since the early 1970s I have been involved with seabird migration (seawatching) and beached bird surveys. Since the mid-1980s at-sea surveys became part of the package (entire Atlantic Ocean, including Arctic, Antarctic, temperate and tropical waters). Currently involved with studies of foraging ecology and demography of large gulls (Herring Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gulls) which includes diet studies, colony studies, radio and GPS tracking.


Betty Anne Schrieber

I study the breeding biology, ecology, and demographics of frigatebirds, tropicbirds, boobies, terns of the central Pacific and the Caribbean.

WSU Board

The WSU board is comprised of members from the major geographic regions of the world

North America

Kim Nelson

Kim Nelson I am a Research Wildlife Biologist in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University. The current focus of my research is on the ecology and habitat associations of seabirds, specifically using modeling and habitat data to better understand and help resolve wildlife conservation and management issues. I have has studied the nest-site characteristics, stand and landscape associations, abundance, and nesting behavior of forest birds and seabirds of the Pacific, including Marbled Murrelets, Long-billed Murrelets, Caspian Terns, and a variety of species in forests of the Pacific Northwest and at mixed seabird colonies in the Bering Sea.


Liz Humphreys

Liz Humphreys I started off my research career looking into the diet, foraging behaviour and energetics of seabirds namely the black-legged kittiwake and northern gannet. Over the subsequent years I have worked on a wide range of species (raptor, geese, waders) and habitats (urban, machair and woodland) before more recently returning to work on seabirds and in particular how they are impacted by marine renewables. I am the BTO's representative on UK's Seabird Monitoring Programme as run by JNCC.

Africa / Indian Ocean

Ross Wanless

Ross Wanless I study demography, foraging ecology, bycatch mitigation, island eradications and restoration, fisheries interactions, and fishery competition


Peter Dann

I have worked as a wildlife ecologist for 30 years and have published extensively on seabirds and shorebirds in Australasia. I co-edited The Penguins: ecology and management and am an editor of Marine Ornithology. Currently I manage a research group on Phillip Island in southern Victoria specialising in the conservation of marine birds and mammals. I'm also a research fellow at the Universities of Melbourne and New South Wales and a member of the WSU transitional team.


Yutaka Watanuki

My main research subject has been to gain an understanding of the effects of climate change and human impacts on marine ecosystem using seabirds as bio-indicator. I’m also working on behavior and physiology of diving seabirds, and on resource allocation between offspring and parents

South America

Pablo Yorio

Since 1984 I have been working on the ecology and conservation of Patagonian seabirds, including penguins, gulls, terns and cormorants. Research topics have included distribution and abundance of breeding populations, breeding biology, habitat selection, feeding ecology, interactions with human activities, and conservation strategies.

WSU Member organization representatives

John Croxall Birdlife International
Ross Wanless African Seabird Group
Hannah Nevins American Bird Conservancy
Pablo Yorio Argentine Seabird Group
Esteban Frere Argentine Seabird Group
Peter Dann Australasian Seabird Group
Nicholas Carlile Australasian Seabird Group
John Croxall BirdLife International, Global Seabird Programme
Ben Sullivan BirdLife International, Global Seabird Programme
Kathy Kuletz Circumpolar Seabird Group (CBird)
Kees Camphuysen Dutch Seabird Group
JA (Jan) van Franeker Dutch Seabird Group
Stephan Garthe European Seabirds at Sea Group
Yutaka Watanuki Japan Seabird Group
Carles Carboneras Medmaravis
Caleb Spiegel NW Atlantic Marine Bird Cooperative
Graeme Taylor Ornithological Society of New Zealand
Kathy Kuletz Pacific Seabird Group
Liliana Ayala Peruvian Assn for the Conservation of Nature
Raul Sanchez Scaglioni Peruvian Assn for the Conservation of Nature
Steve Copsey Royal Naval Birdwatching Society
Mark Cutts Royal Naval Birdwatching Society
Will Mackin Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds
Russell Wynn The Seabird Group
Ellie Owen The Seabird Group
Betty Anne Schreiber The Waterbird Society
Jennifer Wheeler Waterbird Conservation of the Americas