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Welcome to is dedicated to the facilitation of communication and data sharing between seabird scientists around the world. Our initiative began in 2007 and has been supported by major global seabird organizations in all corners of the globe.

#WORLDSEABIRDDAY is fast approaching!


July 3rd was the reported date that the last Great Auk was seen in the wild. We felt that it was time we gave seabirds a day to celebrate how amazing they are!

You can FOLLOW @SEABIRDERS ON TWITTER on July 3rd, or track the hashtag #WorldSeabirdDay. We are looking for everyone to share stories, pictures, contact the media about the latest in seabirds and their threats! Infographics, short stories, or even graphic novels are welcome

#WSC3 has now been announced!

We're going to HOBART, TASMANIA in 2020!

Keep your eyes to this space for more details as they come in!

You can also FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to get the latest and keep up with your favourite Seabirders!

Did you know that the WSU has a conservation committee?

When issues arise in specific areas that warrant responses to protect or enhance seabird outcomes the regional group would provide the first response on such issues. If the issue is considered significant to warrant a stronger level of support, where international implications are expected from the lack of conservation of a species or its habitat, then the WSU may be approached to provide further ‘moral’ support to the issue.


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The Seabird Information Network is a network of databases from contributors all over the world. Please click here to visit the Seabird Information Network

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